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Acute Brucellar Hepatitis: Report of Two Cases

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1 Brucellosis Research Center, Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, Hamadan, IR Iran
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Avicenna Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infection: May 2015, 2 (2); e23908.Published Online: May 23, 2015
Article Type: Case Report; Received : September 26, 2014; Revised : December 26, 2014; Accepted : January 7, 2015
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17795/ajcmi-23908

To Cite : Keramat F, Hashemi S H. Acute Brucellar Hepatitis: Report of Two Cases, Avicenna J Clin Microb Infec. 2015 ;2(2):e23908. doi: 10.17795/ajcmi-23908.

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1. Introduction
2. Case Presentation
3. Discussion
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